Why iRate

Because Hoop Dreams Are NOT For Profit

New Exposure opportunities are popping up everyday.  But Getting REAL exposure and connecting with REAL decision-makers is becoming increasingly difficult.  We’re Here to Help! BasketballExposureRatings.com allows us to Share our experiences so we can make the best decisions to pursue our professional basketball careers.

At BasketballExposureRatings.com, we Share the FACTS –the good, the bad, and everything in between–real stories and real experiences. Please note that leaving your name is not required, but honest feedback is mandatory.

 Contributions to this community forum ensure that the best opportunities continue to improve, and the ones that fall short will either ‘step up their game’ or disappear.  If your passion, your goal or your dream is to play professional basketball, then BasketballExposureRatings.com is just for you!